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ABC Dry Chemical

Contain and put out a potential fire with an ABC dry chemical fire extinguisher for your home or business property. ABC extinguishers are multi-purpose extinguishers that are effective in fighting class A, B, or C fires. Examples of combustible and flammable materials that cause ABC fires include: 

  • Class A Fires: Wood, Paper, cloth, trash, plastics (solids that are not metals).
  • Class B Fires: Flammable Liquids-Gasoline, oil, grease, acetone (includes flammable gases).
  • Class C Fires: Electrical Fires, Energized electrical equipment fires (anything that is plugged in).

As you can see, an ABC dry powder fire extinguisher is the best option for fighting the many types of fires that can suddenly ignite in homes, offices, apartment buildings, vehicles, and more.  

Shop our wide selection of ABC dry chemical extinguishers to find the ideal unit for you and your home or property.