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Service Equipment

  • Plastic 4-Year Inspection Tag 2023

    Plastic 4-Year Inspection Tag

    Plastic FOUR-YEAR INSPECTION TAGS are designed to record monthly inspections of fire extinguishers. This PLASTIC 4-YEAR INSPECTION TAG is made of strong 23 mil high-density yellow plastic. It will not break, tear, crack, or become brittle with age and is...

  • 6HTLBK - Blank Hydrotest - 6-year

    6HTLBK - Blank Hydrotest - 6-year

    HYDROTEST and 6-YEAR MAINTENANCE LABELS are a necessary reminder to keep your customer's equipment maintenance and inspections up to date. And the benefit is, we'll custom imprint these labels with your company name, address, and phone number so your...

  • DCRK - Dry Chemical Refilling Kit

    DCRK - Dry Chemical Refilling Kit

    DRY CHEMICAL REFILLING KIT contains a small funnel (FF1), large funnel (FF2), regulator (2550), large scoop (SS2), complete recharge adapter kit (RAKIT), nitrogen hose (N10H), and PTFE tape (T520).

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  • 59339GZ Drying Rack

    59339GZ Drying Rack

    This Getz CYLINDER DRYING RACK dries up to five 20 lb extinguishers or one 30 lb extinguisher in just minutes. Operates off a standard 120 VAC outlet and comes with a 6' power cord. Unit features a three-position switch"”off, on/cold, and on/hot.

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  • 3 Way Valve

    3 Way Valve

    This THREE-WAY VALVE provides an easy and safe method of venting pressure when charging dry chemical and other low-pressure fire extinguishers. After reaching the correct extinguisher pressure and installing the extinguisher's pull pin, a half turn of...

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  • Fire Service Start Up Kit

    Fire Service Start Up Kit

    START-UP KIT easily outfits a service truck and contains everything you need to get the ball rolling. Contents include a dry chemical recharge kit (DCRK), valve stem kit (VSKIT), o-ring kit (ORKIT), rivet kit (RKIT), 100 new-type pull pins (NPP), box of...

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  • WSK30350 - Universal Wheeled Unit Service Kit

    WSK30350 - Universal Wheeled Unit Service Kit

    Reduce service time, while increasing profits, with the UNIVERSAL WHEELED UNIT SERVICE KIT. Our 30"350 lb Service Kit has all the fittings, adapters, and components to perform annual maintenance on most makes, models, and sizes of wheeled fire...

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