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Carbon Monoxide Alarms

  • CMD4MD - Fireboy Carbon Monoxide Alarm (For marine use)

    Use this low-profile Fireboy-Xintex CO Sentinel CARBON MONOXIDE ALARM on marine equipment. Once it detects dangerously high CO levels the alarm sounds and it shuts down the generators automatically. If multiple alarms are connected they will all sound...

  • Kidde 9000113 - NightHawk™ AC/DC Combination CO/Gas Alarm

    This Kidde CO/GAS COMBINATION ALARM provides double the protection - detecting CO and explosive gases, like methane or propane. It even has a 9V battery back-up in case the lights go out. It's easy to install too - just plug it in to any AC wall outlet...

    $92.50 $105.00
  • Kidde 21006407 -AC/DC Hard-Wired CO Alarm w/ Digital Display

    The digital display feature on this CO Alarm allows constant monitoring of carbon monoxide levels and updates every 15 seconds. The peak level memory feature displays the highest CO level measured since the last reset. The 9V battery backup provides...

    $94.95 $109.00
  • Kidde NHDELUXE - NightHawk™ AC/DC Deluxe CO Alarm

    Kidde's NightHawk Deluxe CARBON MONOXIDE ALARM is a direct plug, wall mount and table-top unit with 6' cord. The Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends only alarms that meet UL standard 2034, such as NightHawk carbon monoxide alarms. Five-year...

    $123.50 $129.00
  • Kidde Nighthawk Plug-in Carbon Monoxide Alarm

    Kidde's Nighthawk 9000234 AC POWERED, PLUG-IN CARBON MONOXIDE ALARM now has a 40% longer life than other CO alarms! It comes with a 9V battery (included) backup and a digital display for continuous easy viewing. The Digital display also adds an advanced...